Secret Fortnite patch notes: see what’s changed

The Fortnite community has found some balance changes in one of the recent updates. Nearly all guns had their reload times adjusted.

At this point, we need to accept that Epic isn’t going to release the Fortnite patch notes. We’ve seen several updates, balance changes, new mechanics, and even a new gun come to Fortnite with no communication from Epic.

The community is split on this topic, but most fans miss the days of opening the patch notes to see what’s changed. The argument on the other side, though, is that fans like to explore new content without having everything spelled out for them.

The community tends to be in agreement when it comes to small changes: we want to know about them. Most of us aren’t going to do the heavy lifting required to find out if Epic changed something minor in Fortnite – something we might not ever be able to pin down without in-depth testing.

Well, recent revelations from Tornorr on Reddit shows that Epic is keeping everything close to the vest – even the smallest of adjustments. The user found several changes that Epic made to reload speeds – of all things – in the latest secret update.

There’s no way to notice things like this without Fortnite patch notes. The rest of the community relies on Reddit posts like these to find out the small balance changes coming to Fortnite.

Now, let’s talk about the changes themselves. They’re pretty bizarre. It looks like Epic made the reload times for the SMG progressively worse as the rarity increases. The same is true with the Sniper Rifle and AR – although the damage trade might be the reasoning.

Without proper communication from Epic, it’s hard to make heads or tails of these numbers. You’re saying that, in the current state of shotguns, Epic nerfed the pump? Bananaland.

Let us know if you can make sense of this in the comments.

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