NickMercs ranks all shotguns in Fortnite

NickMercs has been outspoken about his love for the Tactical shotgun this season but has recently changed his rankings of the best shotgun in Fortnite. Here’s what he thinks after a few weeks of playing.

NickMercs has one of the best shots of any controller player in Fortnite. He might not be the best builder or the best editor, but his shotgun shot is one of the most consistent in the game.

The streamer and FaZe Clan member has been outspoken about his shotgun preferences over the course of the season. He loved the Blue Tac when Chapter 2 first came out – even picking it over the Gold and Purple versions of the gun.

Nick cited the pullout time and general feel of the weapon as the reasons he chose it over the Purple and Gold Tac Shotguns – even if the latter two do more damage.

More recently, though, Nick has switched his rankings and put the Gold and Purple Pump shotguns at the top of his list. He’s spoken briefly on the swap, but it boils down to one thing: the ability to one-shot.

In high-level competitive Fortnite, players don’t often get the chance to hit multiple shots on an opponent. If you can get that 200-damage headshot, you can turn an entire squad fight around.

Nick did change his opinion on the Gold Tac as well. He ranked it above the Green Tac – likely because of the damage difference. The Gold Tac can hit 195 to the head while the Green Tac only hits for 168.

A comical inclusion in this list is Pickaxe ahead of the Grey Pump. The gun is essentially useless in its current state. It’s something, but any other gun is more consistent and effective at all ranges. Most players would rather have a Grey Pistol.

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