Fortnite Week 5 The Lowdown Mission challenges revealed

Fortnite Chapter 2 is into Week 5 and that means fans of the popular battle royale title have a brand-new Mission to take on, with challenges that unlock rewards for those who are successful.

As usual, Epic Games release a new Mission every Thursday, and the November 7 edition comes titled as ‘The Lowdown,’ with players set to spend plenty of time at the E.G.O. Outposts which are scattered around the map. 

The E.G.O. Outposts are hangars and buildings filled with loot, but with the Week 5 challenges asking players to visit them in multiple locations, they are sure to be busy once the challenges release.

Players will have to visit E.G.O. Outposts for The Lowdown challenges. Credit: Epic Games

Players will need to get their hands on a Bandage Bazooka, find eliminations at Craggy Cliff or Salty Springs, and deal damage to opponents while riding in a motorboat, testing your aim as you try and hit enemies while on the move.

Completing any eight of the 10 tasks will unlock a special loading screen as a reward, which can then be used to find the hidden ‘N’ that Epic Games have placed somewhere on the map.

You can view all The Lowdown Mission challenges below.

Fortnite The Lowdown Mission challenges

  • Search Chests at E.G.O. outposts (7)
  • Deal damage to opponents while riding in a Motorboat (500)
  • Visit different E.G.O. outposts (5)
  • Assault Rifle Eliminations (3)
  • Revive a teammate in different matches (3)
  • Search Ammo Boxes in different Named Locations (7)
  • Heal teammates with a Bandage Bazooka (200)
  • Eliminations at Craggy Cliffs or Salty Springs (3)
  • Reboot a teammate (1)
  • Assist teammates with Eliminations (7)
  • Search the hidden ‘N’ found in the The Lowdown Loading Screen (1)

Remember, you need to be a Battle Pass owner to take on these challenges, so make sure you own it before you go hunting for chests at an E.G.O. Outpost, or else you’ll be in for a nasty surprise when no reward follows.

The challenges officially go live on Thursday, November 7, so hop into the game and start finding the eliminations you need.

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