Fortnite ‘The Lowdown’ guide: Search the hidden ‘N’ location

Take a look at our guide to find the hidden ‘N’ location in ‘The Lowdown’ loading screen.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Week 5 is here, bringing us a list of new challenges to complete for XP rewards. The challenges aren’t too difficult, and only require you to find the E.G.O. outpost locations outside of what you would normally do during a match.

Of course, a new week means a new loading screen and a new letter to find. Unlike some of the others – which required you to squint – this letter is fairly obvious when you look at the loading screen.

What’s not obvious, however, is the location of the characters we see featured in “The Lowdown.” Here’s the hidden N location so you don’t have to go searching around on your own.

Hidden ‘N’ Location

As you can see, the ‘N’ is located at the back-left of the loading screen; but where is this place?

You can find the hangar located just southwest of Holly Hedges. You’ll see a car suspended on a lift in the middle of the building. Go up the stairs on the left (from the front of the building) and you’ll see two water jugs. The ‘N’ is sitting on top of them.

Here’s a video tutorial to make it a bit easier for you.

So, there you have it. Take a look at our other Fortnite letter guides if you haven’t found the F, O, R, or T.

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