Tfue loves the new Harpoon Gun in Fortnite

Tfue might not be known as one of the most positive Fortnite players in the community. Despite that, he’s entirely on board with the addition of the Harpoon Gun.

The Harpoon Gun was the latest addition to Fortnite Battle Royale. It didn’t come with any patch notes, but we know the statistics of the gun by using it a few times. It can one-shot wooden walls, deal 75 damage to the body and 150 to the head while pulling opponents closer to you.

The most powerful element of the Harpoon Gun can be seen when you take it to a fishing hole. The gun was created with fishing in mind and has now become the most powerful way to fish in the game.

You can speed through fishing holes and grab everything you need without waiting with a fishing pole. Most streamers and content creators have had a blast with the thing – no one more so than Mr. Positivity himself: Tfue.

The above video shows several streamers using the new Harpoon Gun, but Tfue’s reaction is the focal point. He loves the thing, which is noteworthy because Tfue doesn’t tend to like new additions to Fortnite.

Yes, Tfue gave the Harpoon Gun his patented “broken” tab, but this one wasn’t like the others. It’s broken in a good way. He’s thrilled at the new addition – even running two of them in his inventory at one point.

You can hear the excitement in Tfue’s voice as he yoinks purple shotguns, Slurpfish, and more from each fishing hole he encounters. Broken? Kind of; but it’s still a fantastic addition in Tfue’s opinion

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