Myth killed by blatant hacker while talking about FaZe Jarvis

Hacking and using an aimbot have been two common topics of conversation since FaZe Jarvis was permanently banned. Myth got in on the discussion, only to be killed by another hacker.

Hacking in Fortnite has been the biggest topic within the community this week in the wake of FaZe Jarvis’ permanent ban from Fortnite for using an aimbot.

The pro player and content creator wasn’t using the aimbot to win in a competitive setting. He used it to make content for his fans. Still, he downloaded a hack and cheated in public matches. Epic saw this as enough to ban him for life.

Fortnite commentators are split on this decision – as are many of the Fortnite players. Some say that the lifetime ban is deserved, while others think that Epic should take it easy on Jarvis. Early today, Epic doubled-down on the ban and made it clear they would not be making an exception for FaZe Jarvis.

Nearly every streamer has weighed in on the fiasco up to this point, which is exactly what Myth was doing in the clip below. He was schooling one of his viewers on Epic’s decision when… well… watch it for yourself.

Oh, the sweet, sweet irony. Myth was killed by a hacker while talking about FaZe Jarvis. This wasn’t the type of hacking that FaZe Jarvis did, either. Jarvis used the well-known aimbot hack. It’s difficult to tell exactly what this hacker was doing.

This seems to be some sort of Transformer hack, which turns the boat into a BRUTE from Season X. Myth had no chance to protect himself from this lagging, rocket-wielding monstrosity.

The timing of this hacker is pure gold. Hopefully, he immediately got banned. This might be the most obvious hack of all-time.

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