Fortnite brings back fan-favorite skins for Stranger Things day

Fortnite Battle Royale players who didn’t get the chance to pick up some Stranger Things cosmetics in Season 10 will be delighted to know that they have returned in Chapter 2.

The last season of the first Fortnite chapter featured a crossover with the popular TV show, which is exclusively available to stream on Netflix, saw players able to run around the island as the dreaded Demogorgon that terrorized the show.

There has been a number of new skins added to the game since then, though, meaning that you won’t really see many of them running around the map anymore. That could change, though, as the set has reappeared in the Item Shop.

Those who jump into the game on November 6, a date that has been claimed as Stranger Things day by fans with the hashtag trending on Twitter, will see a notification about themed cosmetics being made available again.

Featured skins in the Item Shop include the Demogorgon skin and Chief Hopper, who comes with two different styles – with a hat, or hatless. Images of these can be found below.

Demogorgon skin


If you’re wondering about prices, the Demogorgon can be purchased for 1,200 V-Bucks and Chief Hopper is slightly more expensive, costing 1,500.

Chief Hopper


Don’t forget about the pack’s weapon wrap, though, which is called Vines. That’s also in the store for 500.

Vines wrap


So, if you want to jump from the Battle Bus dressed up as one of these popular Stranger Things characters, you now know exactly how to get your hands on them.

What crossover would you like to see Fortnite explore next? Let us know in the comments.

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