v11.10 Update Fortnite Patch Notes Today: Harpoon Gun & Weapon Upgrade Bench Locations Changes

Here’s the unofficial Fortnite patch notes today for the v11.10 content update. The update includes a new Fortnite gun (Harpoon Gun), weapon upgrade bench spawn changes, and the removal of the Halloween decorations.

Epic Games haven’t posted Fortnite patch notes for any of the chapter 2 updates so far. Before every update, Epic announce when the update will go live for both client updates and content updates. However, Epic released the v11.10 content update today with no prior announcement.

The Fortnite update went live today at 8 am ET, the normal time for content updates to be pushed out. There wasn’t too much added or changed in this update, but we’ve covered the changes in today’s update in our unofficial Fortnite patch notes below.