SypherPK shows new OP Fortnite strategy for breaking through walls

Fortnite streamer and YouTuber SypherPK has discovered a new strategy for breaking into boxes in Fortnite, and it’s incredibly overpowered.

Breaking through walls and replacing them has been a strategy in Fortnite for a long time. The game has transitioned from one of massive build-battles to low-scale box fighting.

High ground is still important, but players box-up more than they ever have before. Practicing your box fighting techniques have become far more useful than the sky-limit build fighting you see in Creative 1v1’s.

Phasing through structures is one of the most common strategies in box fighting. There is a long list of techniques that will get you into an opponent’s box – the most popular of which involves building a ramp above you and jumping through a wall.

One of SypherPK’s fans alerted him to a new strategy, however, which the streamer tweaked to make even more powerful. He details the method in a video, which you can watch here:

As you can see, perfecting this strategy leads to confusion on the opponent’s end. They can’t see that you phased through the wall, making them think you’re just shooting them through their structure.

It’s unlikely that this method will get patched. It seems difficult to fix. If you don’t abuse it, at least you know how an opponent is shooting you through your wall.

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