No water? No problem: Fortnite bug lets you fish on land

A new Fortnite bug allows you to fish anywhere on the map – even when there’s no water close by.

Another day, another article about fishing in Fortnite.

Fishing is one of the most useful elements in Fortnite Chapter 2, as we’ve covered time and time again. Now, you can even fish for fallen loot from afar, which is an incredibly strong late-game strategy.

Recently, though, Fortnite players have found a bug that allows you to fish through the ground. No water? No problem! Here’s a video of SypherPK when he found out about the new Fortnite bug.

You won’t be able to get powerful items like rare loot, Floppers, or Slurp Fish; but you can get some materials, ammo, Tin Cans, and Small Fry fish for healing.

Like a lot of these fishing strategies, this won’t be too useful in public matches unless you’re stuck in the storm and in desperate need of long-shot health.

In competitive, though, this can be an incredibly valuable tactic. You can box-up in the storm and fish for some much-needed ammo or health to help you rotate.

Unfortunately, the bug probably isn’t long for this world. Epic developer MrPopoTFS commented on the post, saying:

“Yarrr, we don’t need water where we’re going!🎣

I’ll be sending this over to the crew to take a closer look at what sorcery this be.”

Use it while you can, folks!

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