Fortnite v11.11 unofficial patch notes: Harpoon Gun enabled

Another update, another lack of Fortnite patch notes from Epic Games. Take a look at the new Harpoon Gun and the other known changes for the Fortnite content update on November 5.

Epic released a content update for Fortnite on November 5. Surprise, surprise: the update did not bring any patch notes along with it.

We have to wait for the community to find all of the small changes Epic made to the game. There likely wasn’t much, since this update didn’t require any downtime.

We do know a bit about the bug fixes and the new Harpoon Gun. We’ll update this post as more information about the patch comes out.

Bug Fixes

Credit: Epic Games

According to the Fortnite Trello board, the only fix that Epic pushed for the recent content update is a Replay Mode adjustment.

There are some massive problems with Fortnite on console right now. Unfortunately, none of these are listed in the “known problems” section of the Trello board. Hopefully, Epic acknowledges these soon.

Harpoon Gun

The Harpoon Gun is the newest item in Fortnite Battle Royale. The primary use of the Harpoon gun seems to be improved fishing, as you can see from the clip below.

Although the Harpoon Gun appears to be modeled after the Grappler, there is no mobility advantage to carrying one.

These guns allow you to rack-up the fish from fishing holes without standing there and waiting for your fishing rod to pull. It’s still unclear whether or not the gun can pick up floor loot because it’s not available in Creative Mode as of this writing. We’ll update this post when more information comes out.

The Harpoon Gun does 75 damage to the body and pulls players towards you. Again, due to the lack of patch notes and the fact that the gun isn’t available in creative, we don’t yet know if there is a headshot multiplier.

It also appears as though the Harpoon Gun does 150 damage to structures, meaning it can one-shot wooden walls. It’s certainly worth carrying the Harpoon Gun over a fishing rod because of the enhanced utility of it.

Have you gotten your hands on the new Harpoon Gun? Let us know how it performs in the comments.

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