$3K Fortnite tournament canceled after lobby is infiltrated by griefers

A custom Fortnite tournament put on by the community that featured some of the biggest names in the game such as Bizzle, Bugha, Megga, and others has been canceled after the lobby was compromised.

When there isn’t an official tournament begin hosted by Epics, the pros remain sharp by competing against each other in scrimmages or even third-party tournaments.

On November 4, a group of pros were competing in a tournament that had up to $3,000 up for grabs on custom lobbies, before it had to be abruptly shut down due to griefers finding their way into the lobby.

Griefers strike again.

Ballatw uploaded a clip of what happened to Reddit and many of the players who competed also spoke up about the issues.

The tournament was ended after trolls were able to find their way into the lobby to grief the players by shooting rockets.

It’s certainly a very annoying thing to have happen, especially when these things take a lot of work to put together.

Players have called for Epic to provide a better system for these custom events because all it takes is for a troll to get their hand on the code for the island and they can come in and ruin everything.

Yungcalc, one of the players who was competing in the event explained he felt bad for the crew that put the event together and said it was dumb how people are able to sabotage tourneys so easily.

NikolaiFN begged Epic to come up with a better system that could prevent this from happening in the future.

As it stands, the custom lobbies are certainly appreciated by the community, but it’s clear there needs to be more action taken to prevent things like this from occurring again.

Fortnite has grown a lot over the years in many positive ways, but there’s still work to be done, especially when money is on the line like this.

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