Why Fortnite pros are using fishing rods late-game

Fishing has been a part of the Fortnite meta since Chapter 2 released. This change to fishing rods allows for a new late-game competitive strategy.

The addition of fishing in Fortnite adds a whole new layer to looting. Now, competitive players are content to max-out their materials and hit a fishing hole for shields and loot before their next fight.

A recent change to fishing rods allows players to pick up loot from the ground, however, which has opened the door to a whole new strategy for competitive Fortnite.

Now, you can juggle materials and snag loot from dead enemies without putting yourself in danger of being killed.

The above video shows one of the new early and mid-game strategies in action. You can bring materials with you to the circle, build up, and refill.

This isn’t the only way players are using the new fishing rods in competitive Fortnite, though.

Late-game Fishing

This weekend’s Fortnite Champion Series saw several players using the new fishing rod strategy to fish for loot from dead enemies. Tfue was able to grab a Rocket Launcher from several stories above. He even got some ammo from his efforts.

Tfue was far from the only player utilizing this strategy. Aydan’s teammate Kytrex maxed-out his wood while sitting in a box, fishing for dead enemies.

This new mechanic nearly makes fishing rods a must-carry item in competitive Fortnite. You no longer have to rotate for open loot. All you have to do is shoot a hole in a box and start fishing.

Fishing rods won’t be as powerful in public games as there are far fewer people in an end-game lobby. Rotating towards a loot pile isn’t as much of a death-trap as it is in tournament play.

What do you think of the new fishing rod meta? Should Epic remove it or keep things the way they are? Let us know in the comments!

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