Fortnite Chapter 2 community creation simplifies land and sea travel

The increased presence of water in Fortnite Chapter 2 makes a land and sea hybrid ATV the perfect complement to the game’s update map.

Epic Games made sweeping changes to Fortnite. The aftermath of the black hole event revealed a fresh take to the battle royale after 10 seasons of reshaping the previous island.

With a revitalized landscape, players noticed that a lot more rivers and open waters were part of the map. While the new terrain is great for the fishing mechanic introduced in Chapter 2, the devs could use more land-and-sea-friendly elements to go with the additions.

The second chapter of Fortnite has a lot more water than ever before. Credit: Epic Games

That’s where Reddit user ‘cosmicSpitfire’s concept for a “vehicle that floats on water, but also drives on land” called The Quadsplasher comes in, which would definitely be a popular mode of transportation for a lot of players.

“My idea was that there’s a switch-modes button: One mode makes the vehicle operate like a boat, great on water, terrible on land,” cosmicSpitfire explained. “And the other is the standard quadcrasher, but wouldn’t move at all if it went into too deep water. A remixed version of the old quadcrasher, which removes its build breaking ability in favor of more mobility.”

The Quadsplasher: A vehicle that floats on water, but also drives on land from r/FortNiteBR

Their design basically looks like an ATK but instead of rockets attached to its rear, it has a boat’s bow on the front with a winch attached.

While the added tension rope might not have a practical use in the battle royale, the concept would be excellent for players to ride over Chapter 2’s various rivers and landmasses.

The user alternatively suggested an idea for a regular Quadcrusher, but instead of boosts give it a grapple to “slowly pull it out of areas it gets stuck.”

While the new boats are helpful, players would like a better hybrid option. Credit: Epic Games

In either case, the idea is getting really popular with Fortnite players, seeing as there might be a need for a versatile way of moving around the Chapter 2 map.

Some people noted that there was already a land and sea option since “boats are already pretty damn viable on land with the boost.”

Even so, something like the Quadsplasher would be a great entry for Fortnite Chapter 2, since the game has such a heavy emphasis on water throughout its map.

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