Epic immortalizes Fortnite player with in-game monument

Epic has paid homage to a player who risked it all for a clip by adding an in-gave marker to preserve his memory.

Fortnite has always embraced the memes. They add emotes from popular moments and dance moves that the internet provides. They even embraced the community’s name for the giant purple cube: Kevin.

Epic is engaged with the Fortnite player base – perhaps more so than any other developer out there (apart from not releasing the Chapter 2 patch notes). They’ve also immortalized some members of the community in the Fortnite world by adding markers for them.

All of the Fortnite World Cup winners got in-game trophies and Epic added a gravestone to commemorate YouTuber Muselk’s mission to save his fallen comrade. This wasn’t the last gravestone Epic would add to Fortnite. They just added their first in-game memorial to Fortnite Chapter 2.

RIP Frost Origins

Reddit user IFrost-Origins posted a clip to Reddit of him diving off of the mountain from the Fortnite Chapter 2 trailer. It didn’t go his way and he ended up hitting the ground instead of the water.

The clip blew up, with over 18,000 upvotes before it was all said and done. It even got the attention of MrPopoTFS – an Epic developer – who commented, “10/10 form.”

With the most recent update, Epic commemorated the comedic death of Frost Origins by adding an in-game gravestone to mark his landing spot.

It’s always cool to see Epic mixing it up with the community like this. It’s a small, minor change that doesn’t mean anything to the game – but means a whole lot to Frost Origins and anyone who saw his clip.

Hop into Fortnite and go pay your respects to our fallen brother.

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