How to double-trap a roof consistently in Fortnite

The Fortnite double-trap exploit has been in the game for a long time, but it’s never been too consistent. These methods will double-trap your roof almost all of the time.

Double-trapping has been in Fortnite for well over a year. Epic patched the initial exploit, but players found new ways to beat the system and get traps on either side of a structure.

For those who don’t know, double-trapping refers to the act of placing a trap on the top and the bottom of the roof or floor at the same time. You can be inside a box, for instance, and place a trap on top of the box to damage an opponent.

There are still several ways to make this exploit happen, but most of them aren’t very consistent. TheAaronLad on Reddit found two of the more consistent ways to place a double-trap.

The above video doesn’t do this strategy justice. I hopped into a Creative server to test the first method and it worked almost 100% of the time. This is an incredibly consistent way to double-trap your ceiling.

You need to be in a box with a cone, standing up – this strategy didn’t work while I was crouching. Pull out your trap, look at the center of the cone, then spam your “place trap” button. A trap should appear on the top and bottom of the floor above you.

The second method might be even easier than the first. All you have to do is stand on a ramp (or edited cone), make sure you’re just above the halfway mark, and look straight ahead. Again, spam your trap button and a trap will place on either side.

Neither of these methods will work every single time, but they’re extremely easy to master and will work more often than they won’t. Try them for yourself and see how consistent they are.

Of course, an exploit is an exploit. Epic did not intend for this to be a Fortnite mechanic. Still, even if you don’t use the exploit, you should know that the double-trap is possible so you can avoid being on the receiving end of it.

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