How to beat the Storm King: 6 Tips you need to know

Are you having trouble beating the Storm King? Take a look at these six tips on how to beat the Storm King in Fortnite.

The Storm King LTM is one of the most unique concepts Epic has ever added to Fortnite. This is more like a raid boss from an MMO than it is like anything else we’ve seen in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Defeating the Storm King is difficult and you can’t do it alone. You need a strong, attentive team if you want to stand a chance at getting your umbrella.

Here are some tips you can use to make sure you’re adding as much as you can to your squad. If you’re having trouble beating the Storm King, these tips might take you to the top.

Prioritize Health and Revives

You should always be reviving players when you can. The more bodies shooting at the Storm King, the quicker and easier he’ll go down.

Reviving players during the late-game can be difficult – if not impossible. The trick is to keep everyone up for as long as possible. No one should die before the first stage is complete.

Having some health items in your inventory is also a must. The zombie spawners drop Medkits, Slurps, and Splashes. Pick these up over shields, since killing the husks gives you passive shields. There’s no other way to regenerate health.

Turrets are OP

Remember the days when everyone hated the turret? Well, it will be your best friend in the Storm Kind LTM.

Save your turrets for the second and final stages. They melt weak points and are the best way to take down the Storm King once his horns have been depleted.


I’ve seen some guides tell players not to spend time building while fighting the Storm King. You shouldn’t be building intricate structures, but a simple 1×1 will get you off of the ground and away from the zombie horde.

Again, save your materials for later in the game when the husk swarm gets more intense. Make sure you don’t build too high so you don’t take damage when the Storm King knocks everything down.

Be careful of the boost zones

These little pink zones can be your best friend when you need to get away from the King’s laser, but they have killed me more times than they’ve saved me.

These little buggers have shot me directly into the Storm King more times than I can count. Be careful as you shoot the boss. Accidentally running into one of these could spell your death.

Telegraphic the laser

The Storm King’s laser is a one-shot kill through all materials. The only way to avoid it is to telegraph that it’s coming.

Watch the storm king when he’s facing you. If he starts waving his hands and turning bright purple, he’s about to shoot a laser at you.

Your ideal loadout

The ideal loadout, in my opinion, consists of two ARs, two SMGs, and a healing item. The SMG’s allow you to spray husks to get out of trouble and the ARs give you more damage from range.

Choose the single-shot AR when it’s available. This will save some ammo and do a bit more damage than the burst does.

Those are some of the tips we have for beating the Storm King and getting your umbrella. We skipped some obvious ones, but we’ll mention them here to cover our bases:

  • Focus the weak points and the horn
  • Zombies drop materials and ammo
  • Shooting the husks gives you shields
  • Zombie spawners drop health and shields

If you have any more tips for struggling players, leave them in the comments!

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