Fortnite Chapter 2 update finally fixes annoying loot mechanic

Floor loot in Fortnite has long featured bizarre in-game physics which either makes chests disappear, weapons go missing, and more – but it looks like the devs finally resolved the issues with a major change.

Epic Games made the largest change to their battle royale with the release of Chapter 2 on October 15, and so far it looks like changes made to the base game have been working out for the better.

While new elements, like Dolphin Diving and fishing, have been introduced to shake up the game’s formula, the Fortnite team have also refined some of their community’s biggest points of contention for the title.

Fortnite’s loot raining from the sky

In a Reddit post, user ‘WayOfTheRoadBubs21’ noticed that a helpful change has made it so that loot gracefully falls to the ground when the structure it’s on gets completely destroyed.

Before the patch only the chests came falling down, now the floor loot falls too. from r/FortNiteBR

The clip shows the player taking down the last few walls from the base of a building. After a moment, you can see them huddled in between a few weapons on the floor.

Suddenly, it appears as if all of the loot from the floor above starts to rain down on the player, uncovering all of the building’s treasures.

Players will recall that Chests used to completely disappear if the base they were resting on would get dismantled. The devs patched that up so they too would simply fall down, but now it looks like loot on the floor is fair game as well.

The implications of the change hasn’t gone unnoticed by players since this means a much more streamlined way of sniffing out loot – especially at the end of a build battle. 

Finding loot among chaos of a build battle should be much easier; just bring it all down. Credit: Epic Games

“So this most likely means that floor loot will always fall now if you break the structure it’s on,” one user said. “That’s pretty sweet. It’ll make looting after a massive build battle a lot easier”

No players don’t need to potentially waste mats and give away their position by reaching loot stuck in midair. If loot gets lost in the various layers of a build, then worst case scenario a player would just need to hack away at the base to destroy the structure to reveal all of the loot.

Players have been enjoying Fortnite Chapter 2 so far, and the change should only improve the user experience while in a match.

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