Epic quietly removed this much-loved Fortnite mechanic

Epic introduced the coin flip mechanic to Fortnite Season X that made wall-taking fairer. They have removed it with Fortnite Chapter 2, and the community is unhappy.

Fortnite Chapter 2 is a true return to form for the game. The loot pool is better than ever, the game feels balanced, and the map is engaging and fun to play.

What’s more, Epic appears to be focusing on fixing the bugs in their game rather than rushing to add new items every week. By all accounts, this is one of the best Fortnite seasons we’ve ever had.

There is one glaring caveat to all of this, however: the lack of patch notes. It was understandable for Epic to hold the patch notes for Chapter 2. They treated it like a new game and new games don’t come with patch notes.

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Almost a month two updates later, though, and we still haven’t seen any notes on what Epic is changing behind the scenes.

Most of the changes are easy enough to spot. Epic altered a looting mechanic that allows loot to fall from broken structures. They also added a visual update to shields.

There are some changes that are more difficult to test, however. One of these is the coin flip wall-retake that Epic implemented during Fortnite Season X.

Coin flip removed

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Before we get into the removal of the coin flip mechanic, we have to go over the problem that it solved.

Ping is important to gamers. This is the rate at which your game contact the server. If you press the space bar to jump, you might notice a millisecond delay between when you hit the key and when your character actually jumped. This means your ping is higher than average.

In Fortnite, ping is even more important than it is in other games. It’s the deciding factor between who places a wall, whether or not a shot makes it through, and which player’s shotgun blast connects.

During Fortnite Season X, Epic helped reduce the reliance on ping by adding the “coin flip wall retake.” This mechanic added a small delay to the act of replacing a wall. If two players were trying to place one in the same spot, the Fortnite servers would flip a coin and give each player a 50-50 shot at getting the wall.

It appears as though Epic removed this mechanic for Fortnite Chapter 2. Wall-taking is back to being reliant on having low ping.

The worst part of all of this is that no one really knows for sure. We have mountains of anecdotal evidence that points to the removal of the coin flip, but nothing in writing from Epic.

This is why we need patch notes. We need to understand these changes and why they were made. We’re guessing, right now. Hopefully, Epic will finally bring us patch notes in the next update – or at least tell us why they aren’t releasing them.

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