Fortnite hidden ‘T’ location in the ‘Dockyard Deal’ loading screen

Fortnite Chapter 2 week 4 is here, meaning a new batch of challenges to complete. Find the hidden ‘T’ location from the Dockyard Deal loading screen here!

We’re four weeks into Fortnite Chapter 2, which is crazy to think about. It feels like the Black Hole only ended a week ago, but we’ve been playing this new map for almost a month, now.

The Fortnite week 4 challenges are a day away from being released as of this writing. As always, though, data miners were able to grab the challenges and loading screens early.

We’ve got you covered with guides for all of the week 4 challenges. For now, here’s the hidden T location from the Dockyard Deal loading screen.

Hidden ‘T’ Location

Credit: Epic Games

The ‘T’ was difficult enough to find in the loading screen alone. You can barely make it out at the top-left corner – on top of the crane.

As the title of the loading screen suggests, the hidden ‘T’ is located at Dirty Docks. You can find it on top of the crane, shown in the image below.

Fortnite hidden ‘T’ Location

There are three floor loot spawns and a chest on top of the crane. It’s a good idea to go for one of these, first, to make sure you’re equipped if anyone else lands with you.

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If you are contested, be a doll and let the other player get their letter. There’s nothing worse than throwing a game for a challenge and not even accomplishing your goal.

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