Fortnite Chapter 2 campers discover that water might be their worst enemy

Fortnite Chapter 2 players have been having a ton of fun with the game’s new swimming mechanics, but people looking to camp underwater might have something else coming to them.

Epic changed the game on their fan base when the company released the new era for the battle royale on October 15, and since then players have been diving (literally) headfirst into the swarm of new mechanics introduced to Fortnite.

With new mechanics come new discoveries of how they work. While a ton of players have been having fun swimming and dolphin diving throughout the Fortnite island, some of the game’s new features can be deadly for unaware players.

Chapter 2 mechanic preventing campers

Testing the limits of the game, Reddit user ‘musava_ribica’ highlighted the consequences of staying underwater for too long.

You can actually drown in Fortnite from r/FortNiteBR

After laying down a mat to ensure their character could stay below the water’s surface, it took about five seconds before their shields were taking a hit from an unknown source.

It didn’t take long to realize what was occurring, seeing as the devs might have integrated an anti-camping measure to prevent players from hiding out underwater for too long.

The mechanic seems forgiving enough, however, seeing as they didn’t get hurt for much damage at all. In fact, the ticking damage first started to damage their shield instead of their HP directly.

Even the storm damage in Fortnite targets HP instead of Shield Points, but it looks like the devs planned on simply giving their players a fair warning that staying under the water isn’t a long term solution for staying safe.

The new island in Chapter 2 has deadly water for campers. Credit: Epic Games

However, if those warnings are ignored by players, the damage starts to hit harder and faster – endangering the player even more.

The increments start to do five damage at a time with an increasing tick rate which quickly brought musava_ribica down to 0 health.

It’s a small change but it’ll go a long way to prevent players who used to hole up underwater to bypass firefights happening above the surface.

Still, while plenty of players are still discovering all of the new mechanics in Fortnite Chapter 2, it’s best to have a way to make it back on the surface when exploring the depths of the island.

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