Fortnite tip of the day: Editing doors could save your life

Box fighting in Fortnite has become one of the more common forms of combat in high-level play. This box fighting strategy can help you gain an advantage on your opponents.

High-level Fortnite play has become a game of box fighting. Players bait opponents, take walls, edit, place ramps to block their enemies, and try to outplay one another in a close-range game of chess.

Wide-open fights rarely happen in high-level competitive matches. You may get a pick on a weak opponent or damage them with a few shots, but that’s about it.

Box fighting is the new meta, and it’s arguably more useful to practice this than the 1v1 build battles that have been popular for the better part of two years.

Most players favor the bottom-three-square edit when they box fight. There are a variety of different edits you can use to surprise your opponent and limit your vulnerability, but the bottom-three edit is the most popular.

Reddit user JOBERRRER posted an alternative strategy to Reddit that significantly reduces your opponent’s vision during a box fight.

Editing a door gives you the right-hand peek advantage. You can steal the wall from cover or peek to shoot if your opponent edits on you.

This strategy gives more of a use to editing doors. Before strategies like this one, most people only edited doors by mistake.

On that topic, you should switch your settings to “auto-open doors” if you haven’t already. This will be a huge help when you’re frantically editing and mess up. You’ll keep your momentum and won’t have to stop and open the door.

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