Epic Games add new feature in Fortnite v11.10 that helps with landing

Developers Epic Games have added a new on-screen feature in Fortnite Battle Royale via the v11.10 update, and it gives players some assistance with landing.

Landing is one of the more fundamental and important aspects of Fortnite, especially when it comes to competitive matches.

The ability to take the least amount of time between jumping from the Battle Bus and touching the ground at the desired location can be the difference between surviving the early stages of a match or dying to someone who landed before you.

Factors like when to jump from the Bus, at which angle to dive down, when to pull out your glider and when to put it away all play a role in determining how quickly you can have your feet on the ground and start looking around for loot.

Luckily, in the recently-released v11.10 update, Epic added an altitude indicator to players’ in-game HUDs that could help them master that whole process.

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Landing is very important in Fortnite, as the best players always do the process expertly (Epic Games)

The meter is located along the left edge of the mini-map, and it shows how high a player is from the ground any time they’re in the air.

The highest mark on the indicator represents the maximum height one can get to on the map (aka the Battle Bus) while the lowest mark is obviously ground level.

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The new altitude indicator on the Fortnite HUD was added via the v11.10 update (Epic Games)

While this tool may not be super useful to higher-skilled and more seasoned players, it could definitely come in handy for those still in the process of mastering the game.

For example, players can use it to train themselves on when to change the angle of their dive and when to start intermittently using their glider to get the perfect landing trajectory, especially if trying to stretch to a more distant location.

This can help turn the process into muscle memory, and more and more players will start thinking less about landing and focus more on picking out good loot while they’re still in the air.

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