What’s behind Fortnite Chapter 2’s mystery door?

Epic Games appear to be laying down the infrastructure for an interesting underlying story in Fortnite Chapter 2, with a mysterious bunker added to the game with no explanation.

The game’s developers have pulled off some unbelievable events in their battle royale game since it first released in September 2017, whether it is rockets being launched into the sky, huge monsters doing battle across the map, or more recently destroying the landscape altogether.

After the game’s latest major update on October 15, though, which saw the beginning of a new era for the free-to-play title and the introduction of tons of new locations, fans have started to sniff out clues of further storylines developing. Are two game modes going to be fused together?

One interesting discovery has been found near the Camp Cod location, at the south east corner of the island. There’s a mysterious bunker that looks ready to be discovered, although there’s no possible way to get inside at the time of writing.

Image via Epic Games

Players are already starting to put two and two together as well, with popular YouTuber Ali-A putting together an interesting theory about what could be inside the mystery door. It’s not too unrealistic, either.

In a video posted to his channel on October 26, he claimed that this could finally be the first sign that Battle Royale and Save the World will eventually be fused together in terms of their stories.

“Many of you may not know that actually an identical door has already been seen within Fortnite. It’s very likely that you haven’t seen this, however, because it’s not from the Battle Royale segment of Fortnite. It’s from Save the World,” he explained.

Ali-A continued with his theory, claiming that we could soon see zombies spill out of the mystery door as part of the Halloween event for 2019, or even save a potential crossover for later in the first season of Fortnite Chapter 2.

As Epic release updates for the game on a weekly basis, this is going to be one spot on the new map that players should look out for. In terms of map changes, there’s no doubt that something will be coming here soon, it’s more of a ‘when’ rather than an ‘if’.

We’ll keep you updated, should there be any interesting developments. Whether or not Ali-A’s theory will prove to be correct or not remains to be seen, for now.

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