Leaked Fortnite Starter Pack price and release date revealed

The price and release date of the leaked Fortnite Starter Pack has now been revealed.

Fornite Chapter 2 brought us a ton of cosmetics, including the plethora of leaked skins found in the game files. Data miners are always on top of these things, releasing future images to the public.

Players are a bit split on the topic of leaked Fortnite skins. Some like to be surprised by the item shop while others like to know what’s coming so that they can save their V-Bucks. Regardless, we know about several skins that Epic has yet to release (side note: #ReleasetheBaoBros).

Popular Fortnite data miner @Lucas7Yoshi got his hands on the Fortnite Chapter 2 Starter Pack, which has yet to be released in the in-game store.

This looks to be the first Fortnite Starter Pack that will include a pickaxe. We’ll get the skin, pickaxe, back bling and the usual 600 V-Bucks for purchasing the bundle.

Today, October 28, Lucas7Yoshi provided further details on when we’ll see the Starter Pack, as well as how much it will cost. According to him, we’ll see this Starter Pack within the next 24 hours and it will cost the normal $4.99 USD.

This Starter Pack presents one of the better values we’ve seen. The skin isn’t half bad and we’ll get a pickaxe out of the deal as well.

Starter Packs are always a great way to get a Fortnite skin and some V-Bucks for a reasonable price. You get a bonus of 100 V-Bucks for buying the bundle as well. It’s a great place to start if you’re looking to bolster your locker.

What do you think about the Starter Pack? Cop or Drop?

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