How to expertly bamboozle your opponent using this Fortnite mechanic

Epic added several new mechanics to Fortnite Chapter 2, including the ability to hide in dumpsters. This strategy takes dumpster diving to the next level.

In Fortnite Chapter 2, Epic added the ability to hide in dumpsters and haystacks around the map. These hideouts are great for escaping when you’re in a tight spot or surprising your opponent as they run by.

All in all, though, hiding in a dumpster or haystack hasn’t proved to be too much of an effective strategy in most cases. You have the element of surprise, but it hasn’t been used at a high-level to gain an advantage in a fight.

That is, until now. NightSeeker posted a video to Reddit showing how you can jump into a dumpster through a window to further enhance the element of surprise.

As Nightseeker acknowledges, this is a relatively situational tactic. He used it effectively in-game, but the second player he encountered saw it coming.

This is still an incredibly viable strategy if you’re in a house and need to escape. You might not get them every time, but you’ll probably find a use for this in at least a game or two.

Another helpful tactic with these hideouts involves fall damage. You can avoid fall damage by entering a hideout, so you don’t have to be too worried about cranking 90’s if you know there’s one beneath you.

What’s your favorite mechanic that Epic added in Chapter 2? Let us know in the comments.

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