Fortnite’s Fishstick gets Skull Trooper overhaul and it’s horrifying

The Fishstick skin is one of Fortnite’s most controversial designs ever as fans are pretty split between it being cool and downright awful. Now, it has received a Skull Trooper design and looks even scarier.

For the most part, the developers have done a good job with most of the Fortnite skins, but we’ve seen even Epic Games can cook up some strange ones.

The Tomatohead skin was long considered to be one of the weirdest skins introduced, but that spot has since been taken by the Fishstick skin. It’s easily one of the strangest skins in the game but is slowly becoming an example of something that’s so bad, it’s good.

Skull Trooper is one the first Fortnite skins ever.

In honor of Halloween, one player gave the skin a complete makeover and blended it with the Skull Trooper design and the result is rather shocking.

This design was created by Reddit user _slope_ and we can’t really tell if it’s something we’d buy or if it’s something that we’d rather see fade away from our memory.

We’ll let you decide! Take a look at the skin concept for yourself below.

Fishstick meets Skull Trooper.

Regardless of your thoughts on the Fishstick skin, it’s clear it does have some fans out there or there wouldn’t be designs like this.

Fortnite pro Benjyfishy’s main skin is the Fishstick and he looks pretty good while using it. Epic hasn’t shied away from it either and has given players numerous opportunities to pick it up.

While this skin isn’t real, there are several Halloween skins that are and with the Fortnitemares event beginning on October 29, players will be able to get their hands on them.

We’ve already seen numerous skins appear, such as the zombie soccer skins, so players have had their share of chances to pick up a Halloween skin already.

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