Fortnite Chapter 2 mechanic inspires “Fishing LTM” community creation

Fortnite Chapter 2 revitalized the game for many with new mechanics to the core game that shook up how players approach the battle royale, leading to a great LTM concept.

A lot of players have been relearning the game ever since the black hole event resulted in a new era for Fortnite complete with an entirely different map with some new features laced throughout the game.

Epic Games introduced different mechanics not seen before in Fortnite like Dolphin Diving, interactions with the new boats, fishing and more, so it’s no surprise that players are taking these additions to create unique ideas to push the game even further.

The Fishing LTM doesn’t seem like it would play out as calming as it sounds. Credit: Epic Games

In a Reddit post, user ‘Bukakanga’ laid out the groundwork for a new LTM that would feature the new FIshing Rods put into the second chapter for the game

“It’s obvious, but can be very absurd,” they said. “First one ever Battle Royale Fishing ONLY mode.”

As most Fortnite players know by now, fishing can net players a ton of items in a pinch ranging from mats to ammo and even weapons.

While it’s meant to be used as a supplementary way of getting helpful supplies, this LTM would make it the only way to farm inventory items.

In their ruleset, Bukakanga makes it so that “every player gets a fisherman skin,” while exchanging the Pickaxe for a rod.

A race to catch the most fish would create a different kind of chaos in Fortnite. Credit: via AOTF

There would be absolutely no loot to be acquired via chests, floor loot, or harvesting mats in the traditional sense: “Only loot you can get – is loot from fishing.”

Obviously the LTM would increase the number of fishing holes, while also improving the “amount and quality” of fishing loot a player would be able to get on the hook.

Even though kills and respawns are activated, a win would be awarded to the squad or player who catches a certain amount of fish.

Since this would be an almost exclusive fishing game, the final circle would “always end up on a lake, bay or a central river’s crossing.”

This would be one of those bizarre LTMs that completely changes the rules of Fortnite, but if history has told us anything those are the most memorable modes.

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