Crazy Fortnite bug rewards player with an unlikely Victory Royale

Fortnite Chapter 2 has had its share of game-breaking bugs, notably the problem with Slurpy Swamp that allowed players to remain immortal, but this one might just take the cake.

Bugs are never good, but you deal with them a bit more when you’re the benefit of them versus the victim of them.

This latest bug saw a player fall all the way down from a sky base (are those coming back in Chapter 2?) and instead of hitting the ground and dying, they managed to miraculously land without taking damage and eliminate the last player, who was already celebrating their victory.

What Chapter 2 players think a sky base is now.

Reddit user FortniteNaro was able to capture this Victory Royale in a clip. It’s a hard one to wrap your head around as the drop was from near the top of the map and the player even fell for several seconds.

It is pretty funny to see how the player was already emoting, thinking they had just won the match, only to have the tables turned on them at the last minute.

The player explained that the bug happened as the result of a zipline.

No matter what happened, it’s clear Epic will have to address this one, especially if it’s actually something to do with the ziplines.

Sky bases were part of the meta when Fortnite first launched but the game shifted away from them by the time Season 4 rolled around, but it’s looking like they are finding a way to make a comeback.

Whether they catch on remains to be seen, but if this glitch is able to rear its ugly head again, there’s a chance we might be seeing more in the future.

Next time you boot up Fortnite, just keep an eye on the sky and if you see a base, shoot it down, but don’t let your guard down until they hit the ground.

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