New OP Fortnite exploit lets your shoot through structures

Fortnite players are always finding new ways to take advantage of in-game mechanics, whether they’re intended or not. This new Fortnite exploit allows players to shoot through structures.

Fortnite is an exploit-friendly game. There are so many moving parts that players are bound to find some unintended cracks through which they can slip and take advantage of their superior knowledge.

Remember when Tfue was using the edit exploit to phase through walls and shoot through doors? Exploits have been a part of Fortnite since the early days, and they always will be.

We’re a few weeks into Fortnite Chapter 2, and players are starting to find some new exploits that Epic left in the game. The EJ dash is out – which was, apparently, and exploit – and now the new ramp exploit is in.

Mrpvolts posted a video to the r/FortniteCompetitive subreddit that showcased all of the different ways you can shoot through your ramps and cones.

This trick involves phasing through your edits. You stand at the edge of the ramp, edit it so that it faces you, then re-edit the ramp in the original direction. This will push your feet down so you’re not technically on top of the ramp. Fortnite acts as though it doesn’t exist – allowing you to shoot through it.

Credit: Epic Games

Of course, your opponent will almost always act as if there’s a regular ramp in front of them. They probably won’t shoot you – with a shotgun, at least – because they think there’s a ramp in the way.

Exploits are never the most honorable way to kill people, but they are a part of any competitive game. Even if you don’t use this method to your advantage, it helps to understand the process so you can look out for people trying it against you.

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