Fortnite Intel reader clips of the week 10/25/19

Welcome to the first-ever Fortnite Intel reader clips of the week. Check out some members of the community and submit your clips for inclusion next week.

Here we are, folks: week 1 of the Fortnite Intel reader clips. We got a ton of submissions this week and picked some favorites to share with the rest of you.

If you want to be included in next week’s compilation, send you clips to or DM them to @JimmyDangus on Twitter. Make sure you send a link to a YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, or Instagram video. Video files will not work.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s take a look at some of the best clips we received this week.


Via: @OhMqrsh

Sometimes, challenging a friend to a 1v1 is a bad idea. In this case, the player is now immortalized in a reader clips article for all to see. F’s in chat for Lirsi.

Grenade Save

This clip from @ShadowyEvil is truly inspiring. Never give up. Never accept defeat. Spam grenades and you might just come out on top.

Bold strategy, Cotton

Via: @MrPoppyTarty

The word “bot” gets thrown around a lot. This guy truly disserves the moniker.

Hey, Richifornia, you can thank your buddy for putting you on blast, here. He didn’t need to do you like that.


This clip was anonymously sent to my email, so I don’t have anyone to credit. I had to include it, though, just based on the sheer luck involved. This man dropped from height to risk his whole game for the clip and only hit for 20 damage. This could have gone very differently.

Embrace the Chaos

Sorry @Dank_Nizzle, but this might be the sloppiest clip of the week. That’s not a bad thing, though. Sometimes, you just have to embrace the chaos, start swinging and hope for the best.


Via: That Dayton Kid

No description needed. The title says it all. Yeet on, brother. Yeet on.

It’s not a fluke

Via: @AZCardsFort

Okay, so, this guy is cracked. He sent me three videos and each one was better than any other clip I’ve seen this week. This first video shows that his sniper shot is not a fluke. The first one: maybe lucky. The second one: okay, this guy is legit. He’s not done, though. Here’s the best trickshot of the week:

Via: @AZCardsFort

Did I say “best trickshot?” Well, it’s probably more accurate to call it the most elaborate trickshot of the week. This is probably the best trickshot of the week, also from @AZCardsFort.

Via: @AZCardsFort

Sheesh. Way to make everyone else look bad. This overachiever sent me all three of these. I couldn’t leave any of them out. All I can do is hope I don’t wind up in a lobby with this guy and get styled on.

Who’s mans is this?

Looks like BenonXTC‘s buddy got DCed. The Fish Stick skin is the real highlight of this clip. It wouldn’t be nearly as funny if it was a Soccer Skin running in place.

Spray Meta

Via: ErPandex

Fortnite Chapter 2 is all about the spray meta, and ErPandex knows it. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

So, there you have it. Not a bad start for our first try. Keep the clips coming, people. If you were left out of this week’s article, check back again next week and see if you made it. Again, make sure you’re sending links to or @JimmyDangus on Twitter.

Tell us your favorite clip in the comments, although @AZCardsFort probably took the W this week.

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