Location Spotlight: Steamy Stacks

Want an in-depth look at some of the landing spots around the Fortnite map? Today, we’re heading over to Steamy Stacks. Take a look at the reasons to land there, chest spawns, and more!

Fortnite Chapter 2 still feels new and fresh, with several of the POIs going unexplored by many players. Those who drop in after work or school for a few games haven’t been able to get comfortable with all of the new locations just yet. We know about the returning locations – Pleasant Park, Salty Springs, Retail Row, and Risky Reels – but some other areas of the map need an in-depth look.

The Fortnite Chapter 2 map isn’t technically larger that the old map, even if it feels like it is. There’s more open space, the terrain is more variable, and there’s far less mobility. All of this makes the map feel larger, even if it isn’t.

Today, we’re taking a closer look at Steamy Stacks – the Power Plant located at the Northeast tip of the Fortnite map. There’s a reason we’re starting here with this location spotlight series, which we’ll get into later in the article.

Steamy Stacks

Credit: Epic Games

Steamy Stacks is a difficult POI to miss, as it’s home to the two giant power tubes that sit along the shoreline at the Northeastern point on the map. Other locations in this POI include the Main Facility, the Testing Room, and the Satellite Tower.

As many of you know, chests in Fortnite now spawn at a 100% rate. Steamy Stacks boasts 23 chests in total, which sits smack-dab in the middle of the pack for the new POIs around the map. There’s an Upgrade Bench located in Building 4 as well, so you can upgrade your weapons here if you have enough materials.

Speaking of that, material availability isn’t the strong suit of Steamy Stacks. There isn’t a ton of available wood and brick in the direct vicinity of Steamy, but you can get a fair bit of metal by hitting cars, fences, etc. 

The real reason to land here is for mobility. You can hit the stacks to fly 90 meters above the ground, which gives you a massive advantage in the mobility department. Chapter 2 has very few mobility options, and an isolated area like Steam could easily face a cross-map circle. Fortunately, you won’t be as dependent on RNG if you land here.

Although Steamy Stacks is located on the coast of the island, there aren’t any boat spawns in the area. The closes one is directly to the West, in a little cove next to an RV. 

Bob’s Bludd is a small landmark located on the shoreline behind Steamy. There aren’t any boats, but you will find three chests in the surrounding area.

Steamy Stacks lore

The real reason we started our ‘Location Spotlight’ series here is because of the presence of Kevin. Kevin hit this Island as well, and it seems like the inhabitants harnessed his power for energy. You can even find a small Kevin memorial in the parking lot, which you can harvest for metal.

Some of the other locations around Fortnite were taken directly from the first map, but this one seems to be the birthplace of the Chapter 2 storyline. We even see the ominous presence of the facility in the Fortnite Chapter 2 trailer – before the Battle Bus enters.

Another neat little Easter egg at Steamy Stacks is a nod to the Simpsons. You can find two pink donuts in the control room of Building 2 – in the room overlooking the pool full of what can only be described as Kevin water (shown in the image above).

Should you land here?

Steamy Stacks is one of the better places to land on the new Fortnite map. There are over 20 chests, plenty of floor loot, some cool scenery, and – best of all – some much-needed mobility to move to your next location.

There aren’t a ton of materials at Steamy, but you can get a decent amount of metal and trees aren’t hard to find in Fortnite Chapter 2. There are also a few fishing holes in the area, though there are far more at other locations around the map.

What’s your favorite place to land in Fortnite Chapter 2? Let us know in the comments!

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