Fortnite’s debut trailer recreated in Chapter 2 is a wonderful sight to see

Fortnite has changed a lot during its 2+ years on the market, even moving to a whole new Chapter, but one fan recreated the debut trailer and it actually turned out pretty well.

Thanks to the Fortnite Creative mode, players are able to come up with a bunch of different ideas with all the tools available.

One fan decided to take things up a notch and create the debut Fortnite trailer but use Chapter 2 locations and weapons instead.

Fortnite Chapter 2 is here.

Surprisingly, the new trailer was able to remain pretty faithful to the original, despite the map being radically different and some of the weapons no longer being in the game.

Reddit user LaffenGas uploaded the nearly minute and a half trailer to Reddit while showing what it originally looked like. It’s pretty surprising to see how close they were able to come.

The recreation was so good that it was even able to draw a reaction from an Epic employee who congratulated Laffen for doing such a good job.

“Everything old is new again, this is so well done!” wrote EmptyTux.

Fortnite Chapter 2 effectively changed the game as we know it with the new map and mechanics, but players are still trekking on and growing acquainted with all of the changes.

This is actually a really good time to jump into Fortnite considering all of the changes. Epic introduced bots into the games with the new season, so new players won’t have to worry about being stomped on by the veteran players.

Fortnite is very casual friendly now so if you see this trailer and wonder if it’s too late to jump, have no fear and start downloading the game now!

While there have been numerous controversial updates over the life of Fortnite, it has remained popular, and so far into Chapter 2, things have been going pretty well.

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