Fortnite Forges in Slurp Guide: EGO Outpost locations

Find out how to eliminate opponents at EGO outposts to complete your Forged in Slurp weekly challenges.

We’re now into week 3 of Fortnite Chapter 2, with a list of new challenges to complete for XP rewards. The Fortnite Battle Pass is a bit different this time around, with Epic giving us XP challenges instead of the traditional Battle Stars.

Additionally, most of the challenges for Chapter 2 have revolved around playing the game. We haven’t had to dig through guides to find hidden locations very much – apart from the letters hidden in the weekly loading screens.

This week, there are four challenges that will require a guide. These are:

The EGO outpost locations are scattered around the map. Here is the location of all of them:

IMG: Epic Games

It’s probably going to be tough to get kills in these locations unless you’re doing them today or over the weekend. After that, the opportunities will be few and far between.

Let’s be honest: it’s probably easier to get this one done at Retail Row. You can always push, though, if you see someone putzing around at one of the EGO outposts during the mid-game.

EGO will likely be the new shadow government in Fortnite Chapter 2, similar to what we saw with the first chapter. The plot has yet to unfold, but we’ll probably see what will happen over the coming weeks.

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