How to Unlock the White Scientist Style in Fortnite

Fortnite Season 10 is coming to a close, with only a few more days to complete your challenges. Find out how to unlock the white Scientist style before it’s too late.

The Scientist was the Season 10 “secret” skin, although he wasn’t as much of a secret as some similar skins in the past. As we’ve learned over the recording-collection process, he’s an alternate-reality version of the Visitor, who has been stuck in a time loop for seven seasons.

According to the recordings that the Visitor left behind, he’s been working to break the loop and free himself once and for all. It remains to be seen what this means for Fortnite, but most fans assume we’ll be transported to a new map at the beginning of Season 11.

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All that we can do now as we wait for Season 11 is to complete our Overtime Challenges, “Out of Time.” There are six challenges in total. Two of them only require you to play Fortnite, and the other three require you to collect Visitor recordings scattered across the map. Here are the guides in case you missed them.

You’ll need these before you’re able to unlock the new Scientist style.

Unlock the White Scientist Outfit

Once you collect all of the Visitor Recordings, you’ll need to interact with the terminal in Duty Depot. This was the Visitor’s hub, and where he crafted all of the Rift Beacons this season.

It’s hard to miss the location. You may have noticed a giant rocket popping out of the top of the building.

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Your outfit will transform as soon as you interact with the terminal. The entire recording will play at once – all six tapes together. You’ll be able to get a more comprehensive grasp on what the Visitor is telling us this way – especially if you did the challenges out of order.

You should also note that you will need to load into a new game if you searched your final Visitor tape. You can’t complete both of these in the same match.

What do you guys think will happen when Season 11 goes live? Let us know in the comments!

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