How to ‘Ramp Boost’ or ‘EJ Dash’ in Fortnite

Ramp boosting – or the EJ Dash – is one of the newer strategies that Fortnite players have adopted. Take a look at this in-depth tutorial on how to EJ Dash in Fortnite.

The Fortnite community might be one of the most creative and innovative group in all of gaming. The game gives us so many opportunities to experiment with new strategies, see what works, and find the best ways to get an advantage on the competition.

We’ve seen this game evolve so much over the past two years. Remember when Myth was the best builder in Fortnite because he could build a 1v1? Now, we have Fortnite pros like Clix, Bugha, and Mongraal that look like they’re building and editing in fast-forward.

One of the more recent strategies added to the long list of things to practice is the “Ramp Boost” or “EJ Dash.” The concept of this building method is simple: you build a ramp on top of yourself as you jump, using the ramp to boost you forward. You can then catch yourself with floors to continue building, or set up a flying shot on your opponent.

This isn’t one of the most complicated building mechanics to learn, but you still need a basic understanding of the Fortnite tile system to master it. You might be able to get it down on your own, but a comprehensive guide makes you more consistent and allows you to figure out what you’re doing wrong.

Reddit user incut posted a video on the topic of ramp boosting. It breaks down the tile system, the strategy, and what you have to do to consistently hit your ramp boosts.

You may have seen players using cones to do EJ Dash, but ramp boosting is much easier and more consistent – especially if you struggle with your edits.

The video is incredibly helpful because this is a part of the Fortnite meta now. A lot of elements of Fortnite seem to pass players by – especially without comprehensive tutorials like this one.

Now that you know what to do, you can hop into a creative server and start practicing.

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