How to avoid dancing during Taco Time in Fortnite

The latest Fortnite update, v10.30, reintroduced Greasy Grove but instead of Durr Burger it’s a taco restaurant that forces mandatory Taco Time where all players dance, but you can actually avoid that.

Greasy Grove is officially back in Fortnite after the latest map change saw the ice melt around the popular point of interest, but there were some changes.

The major change that players will notice right away is the famed Durr Burger building has been replaced with a newer taco restaurant.

Greasy Grove has arrived.

Not only that, the restaurant holds mandatory “Taco Time” which forces everybody in the town to start dancing, meaning nobody is able to interact with objects or shoot their guns.

However, Reddit user ThatOneWooper found a way around this that just requires a launch pad.

By placing the pad underneath a ceiling, you’ll be able to cancel the dance animation and be able to move around as normal.

While you might not be able to deal any damage to other players while they are dancing, you are still able to build so you’ll get an edge on your opponent before they can react.

For those who were out there hoping for a simple return of Greasy Grove, you’ll have to deal with the dancing roughly every minute. If that’s a price you’re willing to pay then you’ll find a lot to like at this “new” spot.

Greasy Grove is back but it doesn’t look like this.

For competitive players, there’s not much of a reason to land here as it will no doubt gimp your early-game looting by forcing you to dance. It’s worth checking out at least once but other than that it’s a hard recommendation.

At least you’ll know how to avoid the dancing so you can be prepared for that if you do decide to visit Greasy Grove.

What do you think about the new Greasy Grove location? Let us know how you feel in the comments below.

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