How to fix Fortnite’s error code “”

Fortnite players may face errors when connecting to game servers. This is something common that happens in all games, and it usually happens in Fortnite shortly after new updates are released.

One of the most common errors players face is described as “,” which comes with the famous message “Not the llama you’re looking for.” Despite players’ connections playing a huge role in how their computer or console can communicate with Fortnite servers, this is one of the few cases when there’s nothing players can do because it’s not an issue or their end.

This error is caused by problems in Epic Games’ servers, as expected from the “server error” portion of its name. Whenever you see that, you can check Epic Games Public Status page to see if the company has identified problems in their login, matchmaking, or gaming services. If so, they’ll be tagged either as “Degraded Performance” or anything else other than “Operational.”