What the Fortnite Season 10/X Map Changes Could include – OG Factories to return?

Here are all of the POIs that were seen in the official Fortnite Season 10/Season X trailer and will most likely be removed from the map. 

After the Fortnite Brazil account had accidentally tweeted the trailer for Season 10/Season X instead of the final teaser, the official Fortnite trailer was later released on all social media and can be seen below.

At first it did seem as though the trailer was released due to it accidentally being tweeted on the Fortnite Brazil account, but the official trailer does say that it’s available to play on August 1st whereas the previous cinematics state they are available to play now. Having said that, the trailer that was tweeted accidentally by the Fortnite Brazil account did say that it was available to play now, so it is possible Epic changed the wording and released it early.

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