Watch: The official Fortnite Season X (10) cinematic trailer has been released

The Fortnite Season X (10) trailer has officially been released by Epic Games after it was originally leaked hours prior.

On Wednesday, July 31, the proposed Fortnite Season X trailer was accidentally released early by Fortnite Brazil on Twitter, however, fans managed to quickly download the video before the Tweet could be deleted.

Just hours later, the official Fortnite Twitter account released the HD version of the same trailer, which was possibly released ahead of schedule to deal with the leak.

The trailer follows Jonesy, everyone’s favorite default skin, as he is transported to a peculiar world after the Loot Lake Orb explodes.

While floating through space, Jonesy is greeted by various characters and items from throughout Fortnite history before being dropped back in front of Dusty Depot.

You can view the entire Fortnite Season X trailer below!

Fortnite Season X Official Trailer

What will actually happen in Fortnite Season X? At the time of writing, it is really hard to say exactly what will change with the Battle Royale map and mode.

Especially following the release of the first Season X teaser which featured a re-constructed Dustry Depot, Fortnite fans have been questioning whether or not the Season X map will include other former locations.

With the tagline of “Out of Time,” Fortnite Season X will certainly carry a lot of expectations from avid fans and community members to deliver. We will just need to wait and see what will be included.

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