Tfue says a player ran away from him in the Fortnite World Cup due to a caster’s comment

Fortnite streamer and professional player Turner “Tfue” Tenney placed 67th in the World Cup Solo Finals last weekend. He scored only seven points and failed several times at getting eliminations in the early game when he landed at The Block, his favorite place to start his matches.

But he says that he missed an opportunity of fighting against another player who landed there at the start of the match thanks to the Fortnite World Cup casters and the event’s audio setup.

“How the World Cup was set up, it’s loud as fuck,” Tfue said. “They have noise-canceling headphones but it’s so fucking loud you can hear the announcers.” He says he went to The Block in a match and saw someone else going there, but he landed near the Legendary chest to have guaranteed better loot than his opponent since there’s only one of those in that area.

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