LEAK: Fortnite Season 10 trailer reveals a ton of spoilers

The Season 10 (or Season X) cinematic trailer has leaked ahead of launch due to a scheduling mistake and reveals a bunch of spoilers!

Just when we thought that leaks would be tame this time around with the Season 10 release, a bombshell leak drops from nowhere! The Season 10 cinematic trailer has leaked revealing a lot of information about the upcoming content and the storyline of the season.

How this happened is still up in the air, but it appears to have been a scheduling mistake from the part of an Epic account.

Season 10 Cinematic Trailer Leaked

On July 31, the cinematic trailer for Fortnite Season 10 leaked as a surprise after the fourth teaser release. Epic has not commented on the leak at this time.

The video is courtesy of @Lucas7yoshi & @evaldokkkk.

Alright, so the cinematic looks to show Jonesy on another crazy adventure as the Zero Point Orb’s explosion covers the map. Instead of being harmed, our favorite clumsy hero finds himself floating through a purple infinite. Vaulted items like the Tactical SMG fly past which hints at the return of the weapon tomorrow. Fittingly, this was voted as the FortniteINTEL community favorite for an unvault from 14 Days of Summer.

Additionally, we can see the Rocket flying past Jonesy along with a bunch of characters that are now technically gone from the Fortnite lore. Skull Trooper is seen munching on some popcorn and Peely’s threatening a little revenge of his former comrade.

So, the most straight-forward theory would suggest that the Zero Point Orb will send us flying backwards through time to an older version of the map. In the Fortnite universe, we are Jonesy and the map could be partially reverted to the early days. We say partially because you can see the lava from the volcano as Jonesy drops from the sky.

As for unvaulted items, many of the objects floating around are Christmas themed along with some seasonal content and old Outfits. The Boom Box might be seen flying past Jonesy as well, but it’s a little hard to see as it zooms past. An HD version of the trailer will be available tomorrow as Season 10 releases.

It is now all but confirmed that the Season’s official branding will Season X. This is the first time Epic has changed the branding since the launch of the seasonal format.

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