Fortnite World Cup Finals most-viewed esports event in history

According to Epic Games, the Fortnite World Cups Finals weekend was the most watched esports event in history.

If you watched the Fortnite World Cup Finals, you know why it beat the esports viewership record. If you didn’t, you need to hop on a replay immediately because the spectacle was absolutely astonishing.

Epic Games revealed details on the Finals viewership in a blog post on the official Fortnite website. In it, we find interesting tidbits about just how gigantic the event ended up being. We knew it was going to be big, but seeing the numbers really put things into perspective.

Fortnite World Cup Finals most viewed esports event

Fortnite World Cup loading screen

As we get ready for Season 10’s release, Epic wanted to show stats of the Fortnite World Cup Finals event. The support the event got was enormous to say the least and fans of Fortnite everywhere tuned in to watch the event.

In the blog post, Epic states that the World Cup Finals peaked at 2.3 million viewers across Twitch and Youtube. This stat excludes China due to certain legal restrictions. So, despite a drop in viewership for the Summer Block Party, Epic broke the record for the most watched esport event with the Finals.

It’s important to note that the event was also live-streamed to the in-game experience, Twitter, and Facebook. The stats from those platforms may not have come in yet and are not included in the total number above. We may get an updated figure in the future from Epic.

Naturally, Epic thanked the community for the support given to the Finals and the Fortnite World Cup in general. The road to the final event wasn’t without its problems, but it was the first major circuit run by the studio. If that’s what a ‘first attempt’ looks like, we can’t wait to see the second, third, and fourth.

The blog also lists the winners of the Finals according to the event they competed in along with prize pools (before taxes).

What did you think of the Fortnite World Cup Finals? Our favorite moment was when Bugha held a lead throughout all six matches to become the Solos Champion. Incredible gameplay, amazing music, and high octane upsets made for an unforgettable weekend.

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