Fortnite Season 10 teaser video shows explosion of Zero Point orb

Epic has released a final, fourth teaser for Season 10 before the imminent release of the patch.

Epic Games likes to hype up upcoming content and they’ve gotten quite proficient at it in the last few seasons. With sneak peaks at returning locations and possible old Battle Pass skins coming, another teaser gives us one more look at Season 10 before launch.

Season 10 may be branded throughout Fortnite as Season X according to leaks from PlayStation and the Xbox Store. While Season 9 was primarily based in the future, it seems the past will play a major role in the upcoming content release.

Fourth Season 10 teaser released

As with previous teaser releases, Epic posted the image on the Fortnite Twitter at precisely 10AM EST on July 31. Again, we get a small glimpse at what we can expect, but details are being kept tightly sealed.

The obvious part of all these reveals is that time-travel of sort will come to Fortnite. We’ve seen Drift’s mask, Dusty Depot, and the Visitor’s logo already. These suggest some of sort time convergence or mix-up in Season 10. With new and old zones colliding, destruction is all but guaranteed.

Leaks have been hard to come by as Epic have encrypted all files related to the new season. Additionally, seasonal change patches are massive with the majority of content being streamed into the game on the day of release.

Season 10 launches on August 1, so be sure to check back here early tomorrow for tons of details about the new season. The most likely changes are to loot pools and the map, but Epic could even tweak mechanics in order to make it feel more like “old Fortnite” during gameplay. Honestly, we just don’t know at this point, but we’re very excited to find out.

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