Fortnite Season 10 Save The World Locker Launch, Item Shop, STW Pickaxes and emotes available in Battle Royale

Epic Games have outlined what will come with the launch of the locker feature in save the world, which will launch tomorrow in Fortnite Season 10.

Epic Games have announced they’ll be bringing the locker into Save the World in season 10, which launches tomorrow. Players will be able to use emotes, emoticons, toys and more.

The launch of the locker in the Save the World won’t have all cosmetics available, however, players will have loading screens, music and emotes in their locker. Epic will be working on adding other cosmetics and their priority is on adding wraps and pickaxes to the locker after the season launches. When pickaxes are available in Save the World, pickaxes earned in STW will be available to use in the Battle Royale mode.

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