Top 5 features added to Fortnite during Season 9

Season 9 definitely got a lot of things right and we wanted to list some of our favorite additions before the launch of Season 10.

No season will ever be perfect, but Season 9 has come closer to that impossible bar than many others. Looking back through all the patches, we come to notice that the season has brought a ton of great changes to Fortnite.

We wanted to take a moment to go through our favorite additions of Season 9. Your opinions may differ from our assessments and we welcome you to let us know what your own favorites are. Now, where to begin? Yes, of course, the Hot Spots.

Fortnite Hot Spots – Better Loot, Less RNG

Hot Spot Loot Carrier

Loot’s always going to be a tricky business in Battle Royale games. The randomness of the looting may be considered a standard right now, but RNG leads to unlucky deaths that feel demoralizing.

In patch v9.10, Epic decided to try their hand at reducing RNG on a large scale by introducing Hot Spots. These are named locations which offer superior loot delivered in Loot Carriers that fly above the location. The loot inside is still random, but the chances for a SCAR or Heavy Sniper are vastly increased over Chests or Floor Loot.

The location is chosen randomly, but players can easily see the Hot Spot on the map as the Battle Bus flies overhead due to its yellow name. Epic even introduced these into Team Rumble to help ensure more engagements with legendary and epic weaponry.

Neo Tilted – A New City for a New Age of Fortnite

Neo Tilted

Tilted Towers was a mainstay of the Fortnite map for well over a year and fans saw the place crumble down to nearly nothing in Season 8. Epic, never ones to skip out on theatrics, staged the whole thing to welcome in Neo Tilted.

We were skeptical at first about how successful the new cityscape would be, but our doubts were put to rest in minutes. The cyberpunk and futuristic styling mixed with a Fortnite theme work wonderfully well. As usual Epic’s art team delivered an excellent experience that felt like a true upgrade and not a replacement.

The same goes for Neo Tilted’s gameplay. The same room to room combat remains with risky build fights taking place on the outsides. The metal architecture also gave way to making Tilted a great landing spot for competitive games due to mass materials.

Chug Splash – More Shielding for All

Chug Splash Item

Item additions can be hard to pull off due to the unique problem of loot table balancing. If Epic puts in too many items, the chance of getting any specific item becomes unreasonably small. So, when they truly succeed with an item on all fronts, it has to make the list.

Chug Splashes were added in patch v9.30 and offered a shield/health item that can be used to heal teammates, yourself, and even enemies. Other than a few bugs and glitches, the release of the item went quite smoothly.

The Chug Splashes are a Rare quality item and can be found readily in Chests and Floor Loot. Due to their healing and shielding capabilities, they are almost always useful on the spot. Additionally, Squad games were significantly improved as teammates can heal you mid-fight using Chug Splashes.

Legendary & Epic Tactical Shotguns

Legendary Tactical Shotgun

Let’s be honest. The Tactical Shotgun performed awfully throughout the past 4 seasons due to the Pump Shotgun’s utter dominance. Then, Epic decided to replace the Pump with the Combat Shotgun (for a time) which only made the Tactical even worse.

After several buffs to the normal Tacs, Epic realized that something just wasn’t clicking. Many fans and professional players called for the vaulting of the weapon, but it remained in-game nonetheless…possibly due to the Fortnite partnership with Nerf.

With the third v9.40 content update, the Epic & Legendary Tactical shotguns arrived. After weeks and months of under-powered struggles, the Tac returned to the Fortnite meta. The Combat Shotgun still manages to beat it due to superior range, but a headshot from Gold Tac at point blank range feels satisfying and deals lethal damage more often than not.

Slipstream Mobility Network – Fly Like an Eagle

Slipstreams came onto the Fortnite map immediately in v9.00 and we have to admit our hesitation to the place them in the top 5. They often offer mobility even to players in losing fights and reduce the overall skill gap due to easy rotations.

With that mentioned, we think Slipstreams have to take a spot on this list due to how impactful they have been in changing the game. In the past, rotations were either dependent on player awareness or random vehicle spawns. With Slipstreams, players got a guaranteed mobility option.

Epic nerfed the mechanics of the Slipstream slightly to balance out the ease and convenience. After a few short days, they quickly implemented a mechanic which turns these off in late-game scenarios. These changes helped to make the Slipstream a welcome addition to the map.

If Epic intends to remove these in the future, many newer players will need to learn how to rotate to the next zone on foot or in a vehicle.

What are some of your favorite additions of Season 9? Feel free to leave your comments down below. The season’s been a good one and we hope Season 10 continues the same trend upwards as Fortnite’s growth continues into other arenas of play.

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