Complete map of Fortnite Season 9 Fortbytes

Fortnite Season 9 is almost over and you have until the end date to collect all Fortbytes featured on our complete map!

Well, it’s here everyone. The end of Season 9 approaches as Epic teases the upcoming Season 10 content with sneak peak images. We’ve seen clues for the return of old locations, hints at returning Battle Pass skins, and more!

But before we can truly move on, we all need to make sure we’re fully done with Season 9. A major part of this competition are the ever-present Fortbytes which litter the map. To help you collect any strays quickly, we’ve compiled all location based Fortbytes onto a set of maps.

Complete Fortnite Season 9 Fortbyte Map

While Fortbytes can be tedious to collect without help, they’ve assisted Epic in ensuring players have a reason to return to the game daily. With that said, many of us don’t have time to collect a collectible every single day. Thankfully, you can still complete these challenges until the end of the season.

Now’s the time to go out and collect any Fortbytes you’ve missed during the season. The majority of Fortbytes are location based and will require you to travel to a specific place on the island. We’ve crafted a map to ensure you get there and back quickly.

Complete Season 9 Fortbyte Map

Remember to check the description for each Fortbyte in game before jumping into the match. Many of these challenges require you to unlock and equip a piece of Season 9 gear before the match starts. Emoticons, Emotes, and Emojis do not need to be equipped. You can also check the descriptions in our complete list of Fortbytes.

You might have noticed that Neo Tilted has been left blank of any Fortbytes. The locations tightly packed collectibles made it hard to display them on the big map, so we created a separate zoomed version for Tilted Fortbytes.

Neo Tilted Fortbyte Map

In addition to the Fortbytes above, the remaining 25 are unlocked through earning Top 10 placements, earning XP throughout the season, and reaching Battle Pass Tiers. Some of these will now be out of reach if you haven’t started on them due to the sheer amount of time it can take to grind them.

You don’t need to unlock every single one, however. There are cosmetics unlocks throughout the process, but the main prize is the Singularity skin at 90 Fortbytes. This is the character to piloted the Mecha and defeated the monster in 1v1 combat! It’s a remarkable work of art with a great backstory and the grind is well worth it.

For players that want even more content, Epic Games has placed five hidden Helmets around the map that unlock more Singularity Styles. Each of the colors represent different eras and aspects of Fortnite’s wide array of characters.

With Season 9 closing down, what’re your final thoughts on the season’s content? We’ve been quite satisfied with the onslaught of new stuff thrown our way. Of course, there’s always room to improve and Epic’s sure to be looking for ways to shake up the standards of the game industry again. Onto the future!

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